Animal Clearings

The animal kingdom has a pact with humankind to absorb emotional, mental, and spiritual negativity in the environment. Consequently, house pets work diligently to balance our energy fields by absorbing our negativity. Since pets are living in a human world, they can pick up our moods and experience any challenges we have in our homes. If there is stress in the home, then the animals will feel that stress. They tune into every mood because of their loyalty and service to humanity. For this reason, whenever Earth Release performs a Spiritual Clearing for a home, we also provide a Spiritual Clearing for the animals as a gift.

After receiving a Spiritual Clearing, the outcomes for animals (cats, dogs, horses, birds & others) are described by their owners as follows:

  • Restlessness and stress are alleviated
  • Pets seem happier and content
  • Scared and high-strung animals are calmer
  • Depression and grief are lifted
  • Separation anxiety is reduced.
  • Pets seem less fearful about making their transition
  • Some behavioral problems disappear
  • Animals become more affectionate


Please take this short quiz to discern if your farm animal/pet/animal companion would benefit from a Spiritual Energy Clearing.

Does Your Pet Need a Clearing?

Take this short quiz to determine the level of necessity for your animal companion to have a remote Spiritual Clearing..

Point Value for each YES QUESTION
10 1. Did your pet recently undergo a medical procedure?
10 2. Has there been a sudden onset of destructive behavior?
5 3. Has there been a loss of appetite or interest in usual activities?
10 4. Has your pet been mistreated or traumatized?
5 5. Has there been a recent change in the family routine?
15 6. Is your pet a rescued animal?
10 7. Are there symptoms unexplained by your vet?
5 8. Has another pet died recently?
5 9. Does your pet fear objects (common with horses)?
5 10. Is your pet nervous or high strung? 



50-80 points Your animal companion has acquired significant levels of negativity and would benefit from a Spiritual Clearing from Earth Release.
30-49 points Your pet has some negative energies and serious energetic imbalances. A remote Spiritual Clearing would be highly recommended.
16-29 points Your pet has accumulated negative energy that needs to be released before behavioral issues ensue. A Spiritual Clearing could resolve this situation.
Below 15 points Your animal must have recently experienced some type of energy healing by a practitioner.


Animals are much more receptive to distant Energy Clearings than people because they do not have any fixed belief systems to block the flow of energy. The animal kingdom is naturally far more connected to the earth than humans and, they do not sabotage the Spiritual Clearing process because they do not have to believe it for it to be effective for them.

After each Spiritual Clearing occurs, a report is emailed to you with a list of the energies that were released.

If you would be interested in the rates for Earth Release to perform a remote Animal Spiritual Clearing, please submit your email, and we will email you back our rate sheet.

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