post-imgArchangels are major angels and referred to as "The Magnificent 7". The four most familiar ones are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. However, we also work closely with three others: Jophiel, Chamuel, and Zadkiel. They are the most important intermediaries between God and heaven and are in constant battle with darkness. All are androgynous, meaning they possess both male and female qualities and attributes simultaneously. This combination of the best aspects of woman and man create a pure being of divine energy. Over the years they have been depicted in scripture, art and literature as possessing the appearance of men. Often they are described in masculine terms as in the bible.

Since we all have free will on this earth-plane, these high beings of light cannot help us until we ask for their assistance. Then they can only focus their energy for what they have been asked to do. At the same time, the person who asks for help can only receive that which they allow. So …"ask and ye shall receive."

post-imgArchangel Michael
The name means, “who is like God." He is the most known and the most popular. Michael is known as the archangel who battles evil and cleanses people and places of discord and negativity. He challenges humans who hold evil or negative intentions to transmute them into positive and higher divine energies. Like all angels, Michael waits until we are ready to face his light of transformation.

His color is blue and he is the angel of protection. He always comes with a powerful and swift sword of blue flame. This sword can be called upon to help you sever your self-imposed psychic ties to perceived limitations and attachments. He can also lend you protection from outside influences.

He is an archangel of change, and or movement to higher consciousness in thought, as well as spirit.

post-imgThe name means "God is my strength." He is the angel of annunciation, mercy, revelations and death. He is often seen with a trumpet, which symbolizes the voice of God. He is the bringer of good news and a maker of changes. He has been called the angel of the power of God and also the angel of judgment.

His color is white and his symbol is the lily. There is a belief that he is the angel of birth, carefully spending the nine months of pregnancy watching over each unborn child.

Gabriel announces to qualified humans the major duties of their spiritual purpose on Earth. He serves mankind by resurrecting the latent powers of hope within individuals. His main function on this planet is as heavenly awakener, the angel of vibratory transformation.

The name means "God has healed." Raphael has been charged with the healing of the Earth and the humans who inhabit it. He is also the guardian and treasurer of creative talents. Healers and artists who bring beauty to the Earth are under his influence.

Raphael’s energy is transformative and heals the soul of despair and depression. His color is green. He is known as the angel of healing, the angel of knowledge and head of the guardian angels.

He has special responsibility over the spirit of humanity and is most concerned with helping us progress on our spiritual path. Consequently, in art, he is often depicted with a walking stick much like a shepherd’s staff. Raphael is also known as the angel of the Sun and delights in bringing health, happiness and joy everywhere he goes.

The name means "fire of God." The existence and efforts of Uriel are not supported in the scriptures. He is known entirely through legend, tales and angelic lore. His colors are ruby and gold and he works closely with Ascended Master Jesus. He is best known role is as Archangel of Salvation. He helps us see where we need to grow (in transition.) He oversees karma and the spiritual sphere of where we need to be. He brought down the divine art of alchemy and Kabala. He often bears the symbols of the scroll and the book.

Two characteristics seem to predominate about him. One is his sharpness of mind and eye. Secondly is his total, objective and impersonal fulfillment of the divine will. Uriel is also known as the angel of the presence, patron of prophecy and angel of music.

post-imgThe name means "the beauty of God." His color is yellow and his qualities are wisdom, illumination and perception. His service to life is in the teaching of the consciousness, enabling it to discover within itself that which is the power of light.

Jophiel is the Archangel of Illumination. He encourages us to magnetize divine ideas and within each idea is the way and means of fulfilling it. He will assist you in the wisdom of cultivating wisdom, in order to discover the underlying meaning of the problems in your life.

The name means "he who seeks God." He is the Archangel of Adoration. His service and outpouring is adoration to God, his angels, and all the powers that minister to mankind and the Earth. He is believed to be the angel who gave encouragement to Jesus, reminding him of the promise of resurrection.

His color is pink and his qualities are love, tolerance and gratitude. His mission is to remind us to magnify and amplify the good.

The name means "Righteousness of God." He represents the Archangel of Invocation. His color is violet and he works closely with Ascended Master St. Germain. He is the angel of benevolence, mercy and memory. He assists Michael when necessary when battling evil forces.

In Jewish lore, he is said to be the angel who appeared to Abraham on Mount Moriah and prevented him from sacrificing his son, Isaac. In lieu of the event, his traditional symbol is a dagger, the weapon Abraham was prepared to use.

Zadkiel responds every time you give a worded decree or call with intensity and power for the release of an expansion of God’s Light from above.

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