Emotional Release

The following technique is very effective in discerning if you are picking up on other peoples’ energies and thinking that they are yours.

post-imgIdentify the predominant emotion you are experiencing. Be precise. Do not use general terms like, feeling bad. Once the emotional state is identified, state the following: "I do not accept this state the emotion! I send it back to the sender one thousand fold with divine love!" State this phrase three times with emphasis.

If the emotion

Divine Breaths

post-imgThe following exercise will accelerate the unfoldment of your divine gifts. You may substitute other divine qualities you want to manifest for "healing".

Say the following to yourself: "I am filled with the power and healing of God" (or "I am filled with the power and guidance of God"

For 3 to 5 minutes:

  • Breath in and as you breathe repeat the mantra two times to yourself
  • Hold breath in and say the mantra two times to yourself
  • Breath our and as you breathe out repeat the mantra two times

Hold breath out and say…

Who is Guiding You?

Since many negative levels of energy from other realms have developed the ability to camouflage their energy as though from the Light, it would be fitting to discuss ways to differentiate them from true guides. Whenever you become aware of the presence

Of an unfamiliar energy while in a meditative state, immediately tune into its vibration and how your physical body feels. If you should detect any negativity, fear, doubt, apprehension or resistance, immediately command the presence to leave using the Universal Command: “If you are not from 100% pure Light, you must leave now!” State this command…