Breathing Colors Into Chakras

Each chakra has a specific color associated with it. For example, the first chakra is red, second chakra is orange, third chakra is yellow, fourth chakra is green, fifth chakra is blue (medium), sixth chakra is indigo, and the seventh chakra is violet.

Technique: Beginning at the first chakra, breathe the color red into the chakra on the in breath and hold the breath for the count of ten. Continue breathing red into the first chakra in this manner for three or four breaths. Then go to the next chakra and breathe the color orange into that chakra. Continue breathing through each chakra until you have breathed through all chakras.

Opening the Crown Chakra and Third Eye

Technique: Imagine the most brilliant golden light possible and breathe this light in through your crown chakra down into your pineal gland (in the center of your head). On the outbreath, breathe the light out through your third eye. Do this exercise for a few minutes each day to expand both the sixth and seventh chakras.

Opening the Heart Chakra

Variation 1: Imagine a brilliant white light in front of you and breathe this light through your heart to your third eye. On the outbreath, breathe out the third eye and continue breathing in this circular manner for a few minutes. During this breath as with every breath, it is important to focus your intention on clearing all blockages as you breathe through each chakra.

post-imgVariation 2: Imagine a Being of Light such as an Ascended Master or Archangel in front of you. Choose one with whom you resonate and imagine the pink light of unconditional love streaming with each in breath from the Being of Light’s heart chakra directly into your heart chakra. On the outbreath, visualize the pink light of unconditional love flowing out from your chakra directly back to the Being in front of you. In this exercise, focus on the color pink as well as the quality of unconditional love and imagine that your heart chakra is flooded with unconditional love with every single breath.

Note: This is one of the most powerful breaths and can be used to breathe qualities you desire into each of your chakras. The combination of breathing qualities directly from a Being of Light with colors and your focus and intention is truly transformational.

Using Light from the Earth to Open Chakras

On the INBREATH: Imagine a very powerful light from the earth flowing into each of your chakras and as the light flows into the chakra, imagine that the chakra is totally cleared of all obstacles.

On the OUTBREATH: Imagine the very bright light flowing from the chakra out to your auric field that is surrounding your body. As the light flows to the auric field, imagine the aura being completely fortified.

Once you have breathed through all your chakras, breathe in a few more times up through all of your Chakras and imagine on each exhale that the breath of God is flowing through your entire aura.

The sequence of breaths through the chakras is very important. For maximum benefit follow this sequence: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th, 6th. Begin at the first chakra breathing in and out three times. Then move to the second chakra breathing in and out three times. Continue breathing through each chakra sequentially up through the fifth chakra and then go directly to the seventh chakra. Finish at the sixth chakra. This is consistent with the ancient practices of the Egyptians as well as the Mayans

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