Business Clearings

Negative energy can accumulate anywhere over time. To date, Earth Release has not found a business, building or property that is completely void of negativity or undesirable energy. Discordant energy can be left by former occupants, disgruntled customers, negative employees, excess stress, or visitors. Earth Release’s experience from remote Energy Clearings have resulted in many positive results:

  • Businesses became more productive
  • “Problem employees” left the company
  • Client bases broadened
  • Teamwork was enhanced
  • Equilibrium & harmony were restored
  • Staff morale improved
  • Cash flow increased


Does Your Business Need A Clearing?

Take this short quiz to determine the level of necessity to have a Business Clearing.

Point Value for each YES QUESTION
15 1. Was there a recent merger, acquisition or reorganization?
5 2. Is there a reduction in cash flow?
2 3. Is the business owner going through a divorce?
5 4. Have there been recent layoffs or terminations?
10 5. Do you feel energetically “drained” at the work site?
10 6. Is there a high consumer traffic pattern?
13 7. Are employees becoming negative or unmotivated?
20 8. Has the office physically moved to another site?
3 9. Is the business losing clients or tenants?
5 10. Has absenteeism, turnover or carelessness increased? 
2 11. Have you recently lost a long time client?
10 12. Do emotional customer outbursts occur frequently? 



45-100 points Your business has accumulated significant negative energy and would greatly benefit from a remote Spiritual Clearing from Earth Release.
25-44 points There is considerable negative and stagnant energy interfering with the growth of your business. A remote Earth Release Spiritual Clearing is highly recommended.
Below 24 points Congratulations! You obviously focus routinely on increasing the vibrations of the work place.


After each Spiritual Clearing occurs, a report is emailed to you with a list of the energies that were released.

For optimum benefits, we recommend that a business owner receive a remote Personal Spiritual Clearing at the same time the business receives a long distance Clearing due to the energetic connections.

If you would be interested in the rates for Earth Release to perform a remote Spiritual Clearing for your business, please submit your email, and we will email back to you our rate sheet.

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