Car Protection – White Light and Blue Cross

Often people are not focused on their driving while behind the wheel of their vehicle. This situation is frequently the cause of motor vehicle accidents.

The following statements provide significant protection for your car and its riders when invoked with sincerity and from the heart.

It is recommended that you invoke these statements for protection every time you are in your car, either as a driver or as a rider. You may also use this for planes or at any other time you feel the need for additional protection.

White Light Car Protection

Imagine that the protection is coming from God, Jesus or your guardian angel and makes the following statement:

"Please immerse this car in white light and let this light flow to the entire Universe. May every individual coming in contact with this light be helped for their highest good. So be it, so be it, so be it"

Blue Crosses of Protection

post-imgIn addition to the white light protection, we also recommend that you place blue crosses on each of the six sides of your car. The blue cross in this example has bars that are equal as opposed to the Christian symbol with the vertical post much longer than the horizontal post. The blue cross is an ancient very powerful symbol and is often painted on shields of the angels or found in sculptures.

Through your focus and intent, imagine that a blue cross is placed on each of the six sides of the car. After you do this, feel the power of protection these white light and crosses provide.

Here is another good daily prayer to start your day.

post-imgPrayer for Protection

The Light of God surrounds me;
the Love of God enfolds me;
the Power of God protects me;
the Presence of God watches over me;
Wherever I am, God is and all is in Divine Order.

– James Dillet Freeman


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