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post-imgArchangels are major angels and referred to as "The Magnificent 7". The four most familiar ones are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. However, we also work closely with three others: Jophiel, Chamuel, and Zadkiel. They are the most important intermediaries between God and heaven and are in constant battle with darkness. All are androgynous, meaning they possess both male and female qualities and attributes simultaneously. This combination of the best aspects of woman and man create a pure being of divine energy. Over the years they have been depicted in…

Tips to decrease negative energies

  1. Begin each day with an attitude of gratitude by thinking of at least five things for which you are grateful
  2. Anytime a negative thought enters your mind, cancel it and replace it with a positive thought
  3. Visually imagine negative energies going down the drain when you wash your hands or take a bath or shower.
  4. Send positive thoughts to your body and organs each day
  5. Observe and interact with nature daily
  6. Surround yourself with positive people
  7. Clear the clutter from your environment to clear the clutter from your mind
  8. Compliment five people including yourself each day
  9. Answer the phone and talk with a smile
  10. Place fresh flowers…

Renouncement of Vows

Often we have taken vows in previous lifetimes. These vows may negatively influence you in this lifetime. For example, you might have been a monk and you vowed to live a life of poverty; this vow may be influencing your current earning potential

The following process can allow you to revoke any and all vow made intentionally or unintentionally in any past life.

A. Center yourself and place a protective force field around you of white, clear or gold white light.

B. Evoke the presence of your guides and teachers and the seven Archangels: Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadkiel…

Releasing Cash Flow Blockages and Magnetizing Abundance

post-imgThe majority of peoplewho call Earth Release have abundance issues and solving these situations requires discipline and patience. For people who are willing to devote the time to this area of their life, the rewards are substantial.

Abundance is generally thought of as financial, although abundance also takes many other forms, i.e., happiness, relationships, love, healing gifts, etc. Abundance, in whatever form, is energy that flows to and from us and may be blocked externally or by our own self-sabotage.

Experience has shown us that there are…

Release of Cords and Attachments

Attachments are lines of energy, resembling cords that enter into the chakras and energetically connect and attach people to each other. These cords are passed back and forth between people’s chakras constantly, often without their awareness.

These energetic attachments allow the energy created from past interactions to flow backward and forward between the two individuals. This process stimulates the individuals to repeat patterns of behavior.

These cords are usually unnecessary clutter and are potential energy drains that can become debilitating. Often they cause fatigue, depression, and co-dependence, feelings of victimization, responsibility, and communication difficulties.

These attachments; however,…

Magnetism and Abundance

The key to acquiring abundance is your realization that you are magnetizing to you whatever you are thinking. Each person is like a human magnet and every thought about your abundance or lack of abundance creates a magnetic force field that will draw whatever you have thought about to you.

Before beginning any abundance work, make a commitment with yourself that you will maintain trust and faith in the process no matter what doubts enter your mind. As you remain focused on your goals, it will be important to constantly release all attachments to the results…

Chakra Attunements

post-imgThere are seven energy centers located in the body that are called chakras. They are vertically aligned in the body beginning at the base of the spine and the seventh chakra is at the top of the head. Each of these energy centers has a specific purpose in our lives and to support each of us properly, they need to be cleared of any blockages. The blockages may be cleared by the work we do at Earth Release or they may also be cleared by focused breathing techniques.

Car Protection – White Light and Blue Cross

Often people are not focused on their driving while behind the wheel of their vehicle. This situation is frequently the cause of motor vehicle accidents.

The following statements provide significant protection for your car and its riders when invoked with sincerity and from the heart.

It is recommended that you invoke these statements for protection every time you are in your car, either as a driver or as a rider. You may also use this for planes or at any other time you feel the need for additional protection.

White Light Car Protection

Breathing Colors Into Chakras

Each chakra has a specific color associated with it. For example, the first chakra is red, second chakra is orange, third chakra is yellow, fourth chakra is green, fifth chakra is blue (medium), sixth chakra is indigo, and the seventh chakra is violet.

Technique: Beginning at the first chakra, breathe the color red into the chakra on the in breath and hold the breath for the count of ten. Continue breathing red into the first chakra in this manner for three or four breaths. Then go to the next chakra…


Forgiveness is not easy for people to do particularly where someone has hurt you deeply. However, most of the time when you step back from the situation, you become aware of the fact that what has been husrt the most is your own ego!


Letting go of your ego has always been a huge challenge, although the rewards are so important that this is worth spending time every single day to accomplish it.


The following affirmation is suggested to add to your daily practice, or with prayers, while being centeres in your heart.

Cosmic Law of Forgiveness
Ascended Master Teaching foundation