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Emotional Release

The following technique is very effective in discerning if you are picking up on other peoples’ energies and thinking that they are yours.

post-imgIdentify the predominant emotion you are experiencing. Be precise. Do not use general terms like, feeling bad. Once the emotional state is identified, state the following: "I do not accept this state the emotion! I send it back to the sender one thousand fold with divine love!" State this phrase three times with emphasis.

If the emotion

Divine Breaths

post-imgThe following exercise will accelerate the unfoldment of your divine gifts. You may substitute other divine qualities you want to manifest for "healing".

Say the following to yourself: "I am filled with the power and healing of God" (or "I am filled with the power and guidance of God"

For 3 to 5 minutes:

  • Breath in and as you breathe repeat the mantra two times to yourself
  • Hold breath in and say the mantra two times to yourself
  • Breath our and as you breathe out repeat the mantra two times

Hold breath out and say…