Emotional Release

The following technique is very effective in discerning if you are picking up on other peoples’ energies and thinking that they are yours.

post-imgIdentify the predominant emotion you are experiencing. Be precise. Do not use general terms like, feeling bad. Once the emotional state is identified, state the following: "I do not accept this state the emotion! I send it back to the sender one thousand fold with divine love!" State this phrase three times with emphasis.

If the emotion does not dissipate after the three decrees, then it is probably your own emotion either coming up to be released or healed. If so, state the following: "Thank you state the emotion, for all the lessons you have taught me. I will preserve the learning. You are no longer needed. I release you now." State this phrase three times with emphasis.

Next visualize black puffs of smoke being released from the top of your head as the emotion leaves your body.

Then imagine a waterfall of radiating white light above your head filling your entire body with light. It is as though your body is a glass vessel. Imagine any other remnants or residue of the emotion being washed out through your hands and feet into the Universe to be requalified.

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