Forgiveness is not easy for people to do particularly where someone has hurt you deeply. However, most of the time when you step back from the situation, you become aware of the fact that what has been husrt the most is your own ego!


Letting go of your ego has always been a huge challenge, although the rewards are so important that this is worth spending time every single day to accomplish it.


The following affirmation is suggested to add to your daily practice, or with prayers, while being centeres in your heart.

Cosmic Law of Forgiveness
Ascended Master Teaching foundation

I invoke the cosmic law of forgiveness for myself.

I forgive myself for anything I have done to anyone and

I forgive anyone for anything they have done to me.

(Say the above three times like you mean it. If there is a specific
individual you are thinking about, use their name).

Then follow the affirmation with: So be it, So be it, So be it! This will seal the intention. Saying this forgiveness affirmation each day will be transformational in your life.

It is never too late to make a change in your life and now is the best time to begin.

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