House and Land Clearings

The Earth Release Spiritual Clearings facilitate real estate sales and significantly reduce the time required to sell property by removing energy blockages to allow the property to be sold. The Spiritual Clearing process is facilitated by divine guidance always for the highest good of all concerned. While there have been excellent results of using this process since 1992, Earth Release cannot guarantee any outcomes. Benefits resulting from Spiritual Clearings for homes and properties include:

  • Energy cords and attachments are removed
  • People sleep better
  • Previous emotions and traumatic imprints are released
  • The home feels calmer, lighter, and people feel more secure
  • Children quit having night terrors
  • People (and pets) return to rooms they had previously avoided
  • Ancestral emotions are lifted away
  • Cash flow lines are opened to permit transactions to be completed
  • Any energetic residue of violence is removed
  • Trapped souls are released to the Light

To date, Earth Release has not found a home, building or property that is completely void of negativity or undesirable energy. Negative energy can be left by former tenants or it can be brought to a place by workmen or visitors. An ideal time to schedule a remote Home Spiritual Clearing is prior to moving into a new dwelling. Also, we recommend that the home environment be Cleared when an individual receives a long distance Personal Spiritual Clearing so that the energetic vibrations are similar.


Does Your Home & Property Need A Clearing?

Take this short quiz to determine the level of necessity to have a Home & Property Clearing.

Point Value for each YES QUESTION
15 1. Has anyone been grief stricken or died in the home?
10 2. Is the property located near a cemetery, bar or hospital?
5 3. Has the real estate been on the market for a long time?
10 4. Did any type of abuse occur in the home previously?
15 5. Is it located near a historic site?
5 6. Does it contain antiques?
5 7. Did a divorce occur in in your home?
10 8. Do family members or pets avoid certain rooms?
5 9. Has a very negative person ever visited your home?
5 10. Is there disharmony with your neighbors?
10 11. Are you fearful in your home when you are alone?
5 12. Do you have frequent parties or gatherings?



45-100 points Your home has significant negative energy that should be Cleared away immediately by Earth Release for your own well-being.
25-44 points There is considerable negative energy in your immediate environment. A remote Spiritual Clearing for your home and property is strongly recommended.
Below 24 points Congratulations! You must live in a church or healing center.

After each Spiritual Clearing occurs, a report is emailed to you with a list of the energies that were released.For optimum benefits, we recommend that an individual receive a remote Personal Spiritual Clearing at the same time their home and property receives a long distance Clearing due to the energetic connections.

If you would be interested in the rates for Earth Release to perform a remote Home and Property Spiritual Clearing, please submit your email, and we will email you back our rate sheet.

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