Magnetism and Abundance

The key to acquiring abundance is your realization that you are magnetizing to you whatever you are thinking. Each person is like a human magnet and every thought about your abundance or lack of abundance creates a magnetic force field that will draw whatever you have thought about to you.

Before beginning any abundance work, make a commitment with yourself that you will maintain trust and faith in the process no matter what doubts enter your mind. As you remain focused on your goals, it will be important to constantly release all attachments to the results for "your highest good". This is a very important concept to understand and at first it may seem like an oxymoron. Patience is essential because, the Universe needs time to respond to your plan.

post-imgGratitude is easier for some people to express than others. It is something we often forget to acknowledge and it is paramount for magnetizing and SUSTAINING abundance. Gratitude in the sense we mean here is truly a state of mind. Allow yourself to feel gratitude as you think about all that you have received rather than concentrating on what is missing.

Begin to practice thanking the Universe every morning and each night for all the gifts that are flowing to you constantly. (Remember that even though you might not feel the abundance is present to the extent you desire, imagine that it is and see it flowing constantly to you…express gratitude for all that you have received in the physical as well as your imagination) Think about all the people in your life and express gratitude in your thoughts and take every opportunity to thank people directly as well. Gradually you will realize that gratitude will become so ingrained in your psyche that you will simply live in a state of gratitude all the time.

Many people"think" they want something and yet often do not have the wisdom to see the bigger picture so it is ALWAYS important to preface any abundance work with a statement such as, "May everything I ask for be for my highest good and disregard any request that I make that is not for my highest good".

post-img‚ÄčAs you are affirming abundance, think of how abundance feels and ALLOW your imagination to support this through your emotions. Feel the happiness, joy, peace and tranquility that all the abundance has brought to you and enjoy every moment of the pleasure. Feel yourself nurtured by the abundance in your own imagination.

The truth is that abundance is actually available to every single person and overcoming your own blockages is as simple or as difficult as you want it to be.

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