Personal Clearings

People who have strong emotions, repressed negative feelings, unresolved conflicts, or are vulnerable to stress, often magnetize more of the same energy to them. Their magnetic fields become clogged with emotional debris that attracts more of a similar negative vibration. These people could definitely benefit from a remote Spiritual Clearing. When individuals receive a Spiritual Clearing from Earth Release, they:

  • Feel more comfortable inside and out
  • Are happier, more meditative and balanced
  • Have enhanced clarity of mind
  • Sleep better
  • Experience a spiritual transformation
  • Feel less stressed
  • Become more positive and creative
  • Release unexpressed emotions
  • Have less fear, anxiety and negative thinking
  • Experience an increase in their energy level

There are many causes of energetic blockages that stunt spiritual growth, create lethargy and depression, cause difficulty concentrating, interrupt meditation practices, create fear, and promote negative thinking.

With individuals, there is a restoration period. After a Spiritual Clearing from Earth Release, the physical body experiences a restoration period of several months. During this time, the body is rejuvenating spiritually, adjusting to a new energy level, and establishing a “new normal” pattern. This restoration period is similar to programming a computer and is enhanced by prayers, meditation and affirmations of a positive nature or other spiritual practices.

The person who requests a Spiritual Clearing must be willing to change thoughts, actions and habits in order for a Spiritual Clearing to effect permanent change and spiritual growth. If a person chooses to return to old destructive ways, then more negative energies will be magnetized to them.

Do You Need A Clearing Quiz?

Take this short quiz to determine the level of necessity to have a Clearing. Answer these questions from the perspective of early childhood to the present time, to reflect on your entire life experience.


Point Value for each YES QUESTION
2 1. Has anyone been grief stricken or died in the home?
5 2. Do you experience character shifts or mood swings?
10 3. Do you have "inner chatter" in your mind?
10 4. Have you ever experimented with drugs, including alcohol?
5 5. Do you exhibit impulsive behavior?
5 6. Have you had a sudden onset of anxiety or depression for no apparent reason?
15 7. Did you ever have a blow to the head?
3 8. Do you experience poor concentration?
15 9. Have you ever been in any type of accident?
10 10. Did you ever visit a cemetery, hospital, nursing home or funeral parlor?



50-80 points You have acquired significant negativity and would benefit from a Personal Spiritual Clearing from Earth Release, as soon as possible.
30-49 points You have some serious energy blockages. A Spiritual Clearing would be highly recommended.
16-29 points You have accumulated negative energy that needs to be removed. A Spiritual Clearing could do this.
Below 15 points Congratulations! You are a rarity!


After each Spiritual Clearing occurs, a report is emailed to you with a list of the energies that were released.

If you would be interested in the rates for Earth Release to perform a remote Personal Spiritual Clearing, please submit your email and we will email you back our rate sheet.

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