Release of Cords and Attachments

Attachments are lines of energy, resembling cords that enter into the chakras and energetically connect and attach people to each other. These cords are passed back and forth between people’s chakras constantly, often without their awareness.

These energetic attachments allow the energy created from past interactions to flow backward and forward between the two individuals. This process stimulates the individuals to repeat patterns of behavior.

These cords are usually unnecessary clutter and are potential energy drains that can become debilitating. Often they cause fatigue, depression, and co-dependence, feelings of victimization, responsibility, and communication difficulties.

These attachments; however, cannot be connected or received unless the individuals are willing to do so either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Frequently, the discovery of these cords leads to a reexamination of the nature of such relationships.

Cords can be removed periodically as a maintenance measure, or daily as a routine or as an emergency technique. If done on a daily basis, it is best to do at the end of the day, before going to sleep, by using one at the following processes.

1. Imagine you have a sword or giant golden scissors in your hand. Visualize the individual(s) you are corded to and see, or imagine, the attachment.

State the following: I command removal of all cords, attachments, bindings and bindings from [state name of individual].

Process: Cut or sever each of the cords with the sword or scissors. Then ask the Rescue Angels to take the remnants to the Light. Fill any openings, from the cords, with your own essence, white light, or unconditional love. Then request the Healing Angels to repair any damage done to chakras or auras. Conclude by stating: “SO BE IT” three times.

2. Archangel Michael Decree – Call upon Archangel Michael three times and command that all cords be released that are no longer for your highest good: “Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael. I command that all cords or attachments I have to anyone, any place or anything be severed that are no longer for my highest good”. Conclude by stating: “SO BE IT” three times.

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