Releasing Cash Flow Blockages and Magnetizing Abundance

post-imgThe majority of peoplewho call Earth Release have abundance issues and solving these situations requires discipline and patience. For people who are willing to devote the time to this area of their life, the rewards are substantial.

Abundance is generally thought of as financial, although abundance also takes many other forms, i.e., happiness, relationships, love, healing gifts, etc. Abundance, in whatever form, is energy that flows to and from us and may be blocked externally or by our own self-sabotage.

Experience has shown us that there are several "real" blockages to abundance that need to be released either by the Clearing work done by Earth Release or by other energy work. These potential blockages that need to be released include the following:

  • Chakras – The lower chakras, or energy centers, within each individual support our survival needs that include creation of wealth. These chakras need to be cleared for optimal functioning. (See "Chakra Attunement" Blog to open them).
  • Karmic Binds – Many people are being inhibited in their financial abundance as a result of past life situations and these need to be reviewed and cleared, if possible. This can be complicated and often the karma involves a forgiveness issue associated with another individual.
  • Past Life Vows – Each person has had a variety of experiences during past lives and often has taken vows, i.e., poverty, responsibility, allegiance or many others that may be blocking their abundance in this lifetime.

post-img‚ÄčThese areas are routinely addressed and blockages are removed during every Spiritual Clearing process by Earth Release.

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