017-014The spiritual Earth Release process is a specific procedure of clearing negativity by utilizing the assistance of highly evolved spiritual beings from the non-physical worlds. Through divine guidance we create a strong vortex of energy through prayers, mantras, affirmations, decrees, and music. We then summon the angelic kingdom to release all levels of negative energies. Typically there is a remarkably positive change in the person, animal or environment within 72 hours after the clearing is performed. Frequently, a person experiences a spiritual awakening – an epiphany. However, this spiritual process is not a panacea. Personal boundaries need to be established and reinforced, the aura needs to be strengthened and thoughts, habits and belief systems must be evaluated.

Through our Earth Release experience we have found that there are actually many, many levels of negative energy in the lower and higher astral planes. Each of these categories of energy must be removed separately using a unique method and spiritual assistance for that particular level. Each person and every property that receives a clearing from Earth Release is helped to the maximum extent without violating the karma of a situation.

The complete Clearing process takes approximately two hours. Fees are determined based on the complexity of the request. Individuals are encouraged to clear their homes as well as themselves. Each client receives a packet of information regarding the results of the clearing session.

The frequency of the clearings is unique to each situation: a one-time clearing may be sufficient; several up-front clearings may be coupled with an annual clearing; a three to six month schedule of clearings may be warranted for properties with high traffic or for individuals working in a metropolis. Heavily frequented property, such an amusement park or hospital, will require routine clearings due to the constant exposure to various negative energies.


Primary Objectives of Earth Release are:

  • To assist individuals with clearing negativity and to enhance clarity of mind
  • To remove undesirable energy from houses, businesses and property
  • To clear real estate in order to facilitate sales and significantly reduce the time
    required to sell property
  • To clear businesses of negative energetic influences, which results in increased cash flow
  • To clear multi-unit dwellings and undeveloped property of energetic hindrances
  • To clear public places of disharmonious energies
  • To assist individuals with their spiritual evolution

017-012The primary goal of Earth Releases clearings is to identify the underlying reason for the blockage and clear obstacles to allow the property to be sold, the business to achieve the objectives of cash flow, transactions to be completed and people to be happier and more productive and balanced.

There is a combination of short and long-term benefits that develop as a direct result of the implementation of this spiritual process. The clearing process removes the discordant energies from the person and the environment through a process of focus and intention with spiritual support.

Earth Release does all work remotely (from a distance) and does not need to travel to the location for the clearing work. These techniques have been used successfully to clear hundreds of properties and dwellings and public sites. This allows Earth Release worldwide availability for spiritual clearings and property clearings.

This clearing process is all done under divine guidance and always for the highest good of the participants. While there have been excellent results since 1992 of using this process, there can be no guarantees. In fact, we specifically ask that "divine will be done" thereby eliminating our egos from the equation entirely. In a few cases there have been situations where divine approval was not granted for whatever reason, and the guidance was always accepted.

Through divine guidance we developed a process to peel away the accumulation of thought forms, discordant energies and emotional strife to foster the atmosphere of confidence, creativity, love and acceptance.

005-012This process is a gift that cannot be communicated in the semantics of today. It is a very focused procedure with a purity of intention and spiritual support. It will assist businesses to develop and flourish through a higher potentiality of group effort. It will allow land to be purified and cleansed of historical injustices. It will allow dwellings to be freed from energetic bondage of genealogical traumatic and historical situations. It will allow people to grow spiritually.

It is an opportunity for individuals to trust their intuition and inner judgment and think "out of the box" in order to achieve a higher functioning level of success. Individuals will know, at a non-cognitive level, that this is the process they will need to implement to break free of the stagnation of their present level of functioning.

It is time for the turbulence within and without to be released from the Earth plane. The process that this enterprise has been given will facilitate and accelerate cleansing of Mother Earth.

Traditional methods of rational and logical means have been futile. Violence is rampant. Depression is epidemic. Hopelessness is pervasive. This is a process that will assist in the elimination of these long-standing emotions and belief systems. When these clouds of despair, frustration, rage and confusion are lifted, harmony and balance will be reinstated and prevail.

Individual Services

photo19Our clearing experience has shown that once obstacles and energetic limitations are removed by Earth Release, balance and harmony are restored. Also, spiritual values surface, cash flow increases, property becomes more vibrant and many other benefits inevitably result.

There are many reasons that result in energetic blockages. There blockages stunt spiritual growth, create low energy and /or depression, cause difficulty concentrating or meditating and promote negative thinking.

When individuals are cleared by Earth Release, they usually feel more comfortable inside and out, sleep better, become more positive and become aware of a profound change in their energy level. They often become more spiritual. They have a feeling of less stress, and often changes in their personality are obvious to others.

With individuals there is a restoration period. After a clearing from Earth Release the body experiences a restoration period of several months. During this time, the body is rejuvenating spiritually, adjusting to a new energy level and establishing a new normal pattern. This restoration is akin to programming a computer and is helped by prayers, meditation and affirmations of a positive nature or other spiritual practices. On a daily basis, we also suggest using the meditation CD. There are incredible tools which will assist a person in the post-clearing process.

The person must be willing to change thoughts, actions and habits for a clearing release to effect permanent change. If a person goes back to old destructive ways, then more negative energy will return. When an individual does commit to change, he/she is awakened to the path of free will choice and his/her spiritual journey. Test yourself by taking the Do You Need a Clearing Quiz below to find out if you need a clearing.

Individually, our services include property clearings and personal spiritual clearing. We have performed clearings on some of the most prestigious homes owned by:

  • Dentists
  • Business owners
  • Realtors
  • Physicians
  • Lawyers
  • Entertainers
  • Representatives from many professional groups

Corporate Services

photo005Earth Release's past experiences from energy clearings have resulted in many positive results; i.e., corporations to be more productive, cash flow lines to be opened, allowed homes and other properties to be sold, equilibrium or harmony restored to the environment, and transactions to be completed.

On a corporate basis, our accounts span a multitude of industries, products and services. A few examples of our corporate customers include:

  • Restaurants
  • Theme parks
  • Airports
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Numerous small businesses
  • Professional medical and dental offices
  • Apartment complexes
  • Real estate properties

Seldom does Earth Release find a home, building or property that is completely clear of negativity, as there are a number of ways it can accumulate in an office, hospital, business or even a school. Negative energy is especially prevalent in maternity units, emergency rooms, surgery suites, nursing homes, cemeteries, funeral homes and historical sites. We can assist you and your business teams reach their corporate initiatives by clearing negativity, thus instilling optimism and positive attitudes.

Does Your Business Need a Clearing?

  1. Are you losing clients or tenants?
  2. Do you have a high traffic pattern?
  3. Is the business going through change?
  4. Are employees becoming negative or unmotivated?
  5. Do you feel uncomfortable at the worksite?
  6. Has absenteeism, turnover and carelessness increased?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business would benefit from a clearing. Contact us

Situations That May Require a Business Clearing Include:

Changes in Business Model/Structure
Recent merger, acquisition or reorganization
Reduction in cash flow of business lines
Business owner is going through a divorce
Programs or product lines are inefficient and ineffective
Real estate obtained through inheritance
Business is for sale or business recently moved to a different site
Property or real estate with strong family ties

photo006Employee Attitudes and Life Changes
High employee turnover
Recent layoffs or terminations
Feeling energetically uncomfortable in parts of the building
Feeling "drained" at work site
Lack of creativity or low morale
Employees frequent bars and/or abuse drugs
Disgruntled or negative employees, dissension among employees
Carelessness resulting in undesirable safety record

Customer Pattern
High consumer traffic pattern
Presence of emotional outbursts from customers
Areas where accidents have occurred
Dwellings at the site of previous altercations or abuse
Amusement parks or historical attractions
Entrances to buildings where energy is stagnant
Tourist attractions where negative energies accumulate

Building or Site Characteristics
Building feels "haunted"
Close proximity to cemetery or hospital
Presence of rental convalescent equipment
Multi-cultural site or museum
Healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes
Real estate listings that are not moving
Restaurants or cafes
Dental offices
Veterinary clinics
Historical sites and parks
Rental property
Book stores
Physician offices
Emergency rooms or trauma centers
Hospice houses
Homeless or domestic violence shelters
Massage centers
Antique stores
Locations where captured animals are kept
Sites where death has occurred
Funeral parlors
Properties related to divorce or disputes
Historical sites
Airports and airlines
Detention homes or youth ranches
Maternity wards
Surgical facilities
Movie theaters and play houses
Religious facilities
Motels and hotels
Meeting or conference rooms
Cruise ships
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Do You Need A Clearing Quiz?

Take this short quiz to determine the level of necessity to have a Clearing. Answer these questions from the perspective of early childhood to the present time, to reflect on your entire life experience.

Point Value for each YES QUESTION
2 1. Do you have a low energy level?
5 2. Do you experience character shifts or mood swings?
10 3. Do you have "inner chatter" in your mind?
10 4. Have you ever experimented with drugs, including alcohol?
5 5. Do you exhibit impulsive behavior?
2 6. Have you had a sudden onset of anxiety or depression for no apparent reason?
10 7. Did you ever have a blow to the head?
2 8. Do you experience poor concentration?
10 9. Have you ever been in any type of accident?
10 10. Did you ever visit a cemetery, hospital, nursing home or funeral parlor?
50-65 points You have acquired significant negativity and would benefit from a clearing from Earth Release.
30-49 points You have some serious energy blockages. A clearing would be highly recommended.
16-29 points You have accumulated negative energy that needs to be removed. A clearing could do this.
Below 15 points Congratulations! You are a rarity!

Contact Earth Release regarding more information or to schedule a clearing. Services are offered on a corporate or individual basis.

photo15Frequently, homes that have been on the market for a considerable amount of time are filled with disharmonious energies and thought forms. This is especially true of the discordant energies found in homes that are sold due to divorce. Negative energy can be left by former tenants or it can be brought to a place by workmen or visitors. Right after you purchase a new home is a good time for Earth Release to do a clearing or a spiritual blessing. Also, we recommend that the home be cleared when an individual is cleared.

Individuals who have strong emotions, repressed negative feelings or are vulnerable to stress, often magnetize more of the same energy to them. Their magnetic field becomes clogged with emotional debris. These people would definitely benefit from a clearing by Earth Release.

Situations Which May Require a Personal Clearing Include:

History of a serious illness, hospitalization or surgery
Experience of a childhood injury or difficult birth
Addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, stress or anxiety
Experience of circumcision, abortion, or organ transplantation
History of physical, mental, sexual or emotional traumas in your life
Consumers of large amounts of medications
Witnessing a tragedy or an abusive situation
People who have been in a motor vehicle accident
Victims of physical or mental abuse
History of head injury, loss of consciousness, or near death experience

Feeling "stuck" in life
Blocked creativity or sexuality
Possessing a large amount of stress, exhaustion or fatigue
Frequent mood swings
Constant distractions of the mind
Sudden onset of Road Rage
Profound grief or depression
Desire to injure self or suicidal thoughts

People under psychic attack
Frequently working in other people's energy fields
Sleep disturbances or sleepwalking
Experimentation with occult phenomena
Intrusive recurring dreams
Difficulty disengaging from a relationship
Feelings of intense anger or fear or long standing inertia
Lack of discipline with spiritual regimen
History of psychiatric illness and/or hospitalization or ECT treatment
People who are "stuck" spiritually

Spiritual Clearing Preparation

Preparation for a Spiritual Clearing

In order to improve the results you receive from the Earth Release clearing process, the following preparation is recommended. Begin these suggestions immediately after scheduling a clearing session.

Implement a procedure for self-protection. This will be vital for holding the positive energetic shifts that will occur. This spiritual protection will consist of (mentally or verbally) sealing your physical body and aura in a circle, bubble, or cocoon of white light. This must be practiced and visualized at least twice a day upon awakening and before bedtime.

lochkatrinBegin to notice your thoughts and word choices. Discern any negative patterns of communication. If these negative patterns appear, then mentally release them with the phrase "cancel clear." Immediately replace the negative thought with a positive one.
Review people in your life that you have not chosen to forgive. Decide to release yourself from the burden of this emotional baggage. Choose to forgive them, so you can be free to move forward. That was in the past and the past is over.

Make a contract with yourself to find some time alone each and every day so you can clear your thoughts and maintain equilibrium.

  • Pay attention to your breathing patterns and take some time to mentally count your breaths for several cycles.
  • Try to be around and appreciate nature on a consistent basis and enjoy it through all your senses.
  • Drink more water to assist with the body cleansing process. Avoid alcohol.
  • Reduce or eliminate time watching TV, listening to the radio or reading newspapers.
  • Focus on the present moment. Release the past and relinquish worry about the future. Enjoy the "now".
  • Read something short and inspiring every day.
  • Release all anger, fear, jealousy, hate, worry or sadness up to the God.
  • Consider keeping a journal of your dreams, as much healing during the restoration period occurs in the dream state.