Tips to decrease negative energies

  1. Begin each day with an attitude of gratitude by thinking of at least five things for which you are grateful
  2. Anytime a negative thought enters your mind, cancel it and replace it with a positive thought
  3. Visually imagine negative energies going down the drain when you wash your hands or take a bath or shower.
  4. Send positive thoughts to your body and organs each day
  5. Observe and interact with nature daily
  6. Surround yourself with positive people
  7. Clear the clutter from your environment to clear the clutter from your mind
  8. Compliment five people including yourself each day
  9. Answer the phone and talk with a smile
  10. Place fresh flowers in your home or office
  11. Listen to relaxing music
  12. Identify and eliminate stressors from your life to reduce your vulnerability to negative energies
  13. Add a random act of kindness daily
  14. Drink plenty of water to flush the negative toxins from your body
  15. As you physically workout, imagine yourself shedding negative energies
  16. End each day with gratitude for all you accomplished

post-imgAccumulated negative energies are unseen and yet real blockages to clarity, creativity and cash flow. These negative energies need to be released in order for your business or you to thrive. As the energies collect they begin to shut down people, businesses and even computer systems financially, emotionally or operationally. This process is continual and inevitable.


Keeping the auric field clear is as easy or difficult as controlling your own thoughts and can be accomplished with a consistent spiritual practice.

post-imgThe following exercise will accelerate the unfoldment of your divine gifts. You may substitute any other divine qualities that you might want to manifest for this"healing".

Say the following to yourself: "I AM filled with the power and healing of God" (or "I AM filled with the power and guidance of God"

For 3 to 5 minutes:

  • Breath in, and as you breathe repeat the mantra two times to yourself
  • Hold breath in and say the mantra two times to yourself
  • Breath out, and as you breathe out repeat the mantra two times

Hold breath out and say the mantra two times

Meditate and immerse every aspect of Self with the following mantra for 20 minutes: "I am one with God". Even if you have less time, go ahead and do it for as long as you have available. You may do this anywhere; however, just before going to bed is an excellent time.

First, immerse the mental body with the mantra.
Next, immerse the physical body.
Then, allow most of the allotted time to immerse the etheric body.

This is truly a life changing breath and it is highly recommended to anyone serious about increasing their divine gifts.

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