Who is Guiding You?

Since many negative levels of energy from other realms have developed the ability to camouflage their energy as though from the Light, it would be fitting to discuss ways to differentiate them from true guides. Whenever you become aware of the presence

Of an unfamiliar energy while in a meditative state, immediately tune into its vibration and how your physical body feels. If you should detect any negativity, fear, doubt, apprehension or resistance, immediately command the presence to leave using the Universal Command: “If you are not from 100% pure Light, you must leave now!” State this command aloud, forcefully, three times.

Spiritual Beings of higher vibrations radiate only love, acceptance and Light. They are present only for the purpose of service to you. They never demand anything of you and they leave you feeling confident, empowered and loved. The information they share with you expands your basic knowledge and often enhances your life. The advice they impart allows you freedom to exercise your free will. These true spiritual guides will convey a service of humility, sincerity, and simplicity.


On the other hand, negative entities will often create confusion, stress, and discomfort. Interaction with these Beings will often be unclear and may even be contradictory to information previously shared with you by your true guides and teachers. Often you will have a physical or emotional reaction to what they convey to you. Instead of feeling positive and uplifted by their presence, you may feel exhausted. Be on guard for any information that is flattering or attempts to inflate your ego. Be especially aware of being told that “you are a chosen one” or that you have been singled out for a certain mission that only you can fulfill. The strength of the negativity of these Beings may produce dread, fear or anxiety. Other indications of a dark force energy include, but are not limited to, the following behaviors:

  • A sense of disempowerment
  • A sudden onset of health problems
  • Sleep disturbances or nightmares
  • Longstanding difficulty coping with stress
  • Onset of relationship problems
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Obsession with personal gains and material possessions
  • A series of ‘bad luck’ situations
  • Increase in personal accidents
  • Profound fatigue, especially before spiritual work


It is also important to implement protection techniques at the start of every

meditation session, upon arising, and again, before falling asleep. This brief

process cannot be overemphasized. Besides invading your sleep state, negative entities often appear whenever you are emotionally out of sync, excessively worried, confused, physically depleted or struggling with an emotionally charged situation.

When in doubt, exercise your free will and demand that the energy exit. If it is a true guide, it will remain.

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